Choosing Unloading Services


Loading and unloading your moving truck or storage unit is often the hardest part of a do-it-yourself move

Save yourself the headache and let our team of delightful and experienced movers load or unload all of your personal belongings for you.


Using the Undergrads booking system, you can instantly estimate your moving cost, and we’ll match you with the right movers in your area.


Rent the perfect van or truck for your budget and needs. Our past 2,000+ SC clients have enjoyed the ease of driving an automatic transmission and the control of taking the wheel for their own cargo.


We fully direct your move, carefully wrapping and loading your items and planning where to unload everything for your unpacking convenience


Need Help Loading or Unloading a Truck or Container?

Need Help?

If you are looking for help loading or unloading a truck or container, we can help. Our professional, experienced and efficient staff will assist you to help ensure a trouble-free move with less physical and mental stress.

If you are using a rental truck to relocate your belongings or storing them in a container, we can help make your move more efficient. By having professionals pack your rental truck or storage container you will be reducing the liklihood of damages as our experienced movers know where, how and in what order to pack your belongings. When a truck or container is properly packed, items are less likely to move around. This means less chance of furniture rubbing against things, glass or fragiles breaking, and a better chance of box contents arriving in one piece. A fairly common concern for people using rental moving trucks or containers is whether everything will fit in the truck. Professionals are used to having to make the most out of space on moving trucks and will usually be able to better maximize the use of space available.


What Is the Cheapest Way to Move?

The cheapest way to move is with a moving truck rental. If you rent a truck, pack and load your stuff yourself, and drive the truck to your new home, you’ll pay much less than you would for other types of movers.

But truck rental isn’t the only option. You can also go with a moving container company or even hire a relatively affordable full-service mover for your stuff. It just depends on your budget and how much of the work you’re willing to do yourself.

How much does a truck rental cost?

A truck rental will cost you somewhere around $30–$50 per day for a 16-foot truck, and that’s not counting costs per mile, gas charges, taxes, and surcharges.

Pro tip

If you’re moving across state lines, you may not have to worry so much about an additional cost per mile. Many truck rental companies include unlimited miles—or at least enough miles to cover your trip—in their long distance price estimates.

How much does a moving container company cost?

We took a look at how much the moving container company PODS costs to move your stuff both locally and long distance

If you know you’re not going to need to store your stuff for a while during your move, then U-Pack can save you some serious money. Even so, plan on spending a few hundred dollars for a local move and over $1,000 for a long distance move with a moving container company.


Unloading Services

Ensure a successful move with quality loading services and unloading services from ABOUT THE MOVE. Our team of movers care about you and your precious cargo, therefore we treat your things as if they were our own. Most of the time we can handle your full move for the same, if not, close to the cost as a Do-it-yourself. Sometimes its worth paying a little more than to deal with the headache of doing it yourself.


When it comes to unloading your things from a truck or a pod, you might want unloading services that beat all the rest.

You have to be careful when unloading, because sometimes if the trip was a rough ride or the items were not loaded correctly there could have been some shifting around, and just pulling things out without attention could cause a disaster.

When providing our unloading services make sure that there is a helper there to assist because sometimes you need more than two hands. The unloading process is faster than the loading unless there are obstacles that arise, such as long carry or multi-levels

Junk Removal

If you had a tenant, who was evicted and left their stuff behind,


Guide to Moving

So, you consulted our list of tips and tricks for finding an apartment, and you FINALLY found a home in NYC. Unfortunately, apartment hunting is only half the battle. Actually moving your stuff to the new place is next, and it’s about as fun as planning for the L Train shutdown while stuck in an escape room with no A/C in August, only to re-emerge into a dystopian hellscape where boozy brunch is banned. That is, it’s no one’s favorite weekend.

That’s why we’re here to make the whole process a little less nuts. Below, you’ll find an exhaustive guide: hacks, tips, and services (including some notes crowd-sourced from friends) for moving as efficiently and inexpensively as possible. Welcome home.

Transfer your info over to your new digs

You can change your mailing address online here — it takes 10 days to process.

Contact all entities that harass you for money every month

Credit card companies, student loans, Con Edison, and your cable company need to know you’re moving. Log onto your Con Ed account and click “Services and Outages” to change your address and shut off service at your old apartment. Also a good idea? Alert doctors, banks, and HR at your office.

Be Wi-Fi-enabled on Day 1

“If you plan on getting internet/cable in your new apartment, find out who the provider in the building is ahead of time and set up the installation for the afternoon you move in,” Jamie R. says. “When the Time Warner guy is two hours late, you’ll still be there putting together that dresser from Ikea anyway.

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