Yellow Tabebuia to plant in the garden

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Let planting yellow Tabebuia a like cherry blossoms

Yellow Tabebuia to plant – Who is not happy to look at the cherry blossoms? Pretty pink flowers have successfully become a magnet which makes thousands of people traveled to Japan annually. For those of us who rarely travel abroad, there is a beautiful flower you know that can easily be found without having to go far away to Japan He is the Tabebuia flowers. Although the color is yellow, but quite replace treat our desire to enjoy the beautiful flowers. Like the cherry blossoms, Tabebuia will abort all the leaves when the flowers are blooming.

Nurseries way Tabebuia

Yellow Tabebuia to plant in the garden 2

Tabebuia seedlings can be obtained from its seeds can be found on mature trees. These seeds are dried first, then allowed to stand for about one month. Only later sowing with humus soil and growing media. Wait until the height reached 1 meter, and then move them to the planting area.

How to Plant Tabebuia

Tabebuia should be planted in a place that gets plenty of sun. Move the seedlings were already sufficient age and height to the ground with the same composition with planting medium nursery time. Spacing between trees of one another is at least 70 cm. Planted with the position of the rod and the soil surface perpendicular to each other. Piles with soil and humus to the solid, so that Tabebuia not easily collapse.

Pink & Yellow Tabebuia to plant in the garden

Do not immediately give him the fertilizer, because the heat of fertilizers can be deadly Tabebuia sensitive roots. Fertilizer can be given after the age of 1 month. You should provide compost, so that maximum growth and not be bothered by weeds.

How to Take Care of Plants Tabebuia

Caring tabebuai somewhat tricky. Tabebuia including plants that are sensitive, but actually can live with ease. During get enough sunlight and not submerged in water, Tabebuia will grow well. Do watering once a day with the amount of water that is not too much, but it can absorb up to the roots. If they submerged, the roots will rot and die.

There is also a pink Tabebuia, so when the blooms will look exactly like the cherry blossoms. Unfortunately, this type rarely found. Tabebuia usually bloom in the dry season until the rainy season.

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Yellow Tabebuia to plant in the garden Pictures

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