Woven Wall Hanging DIY and Basic Loom

Tuesday, August 6th, 2019 - DIY

Choosing the perfect basic loom and woven wall hanging DIY you have done by yourself would be great and add such cute appearance upon your gallery well, as well as an additional way to put your personal taste into your home. Moreover, by doing it by yourself, rather than buy the ready-to-use, you are able to customize the stuff to suit your home more, for example by choosing the right color combined with the home theme. On the other hand, the perks of weaving it yourself is you do not need wasting-time of window-shopping to get the perfect item for your wall.

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Basic Loom and Woven Wall Hanging DIY as Personal Signature

The way to make the basic loom and woven wall hanging DIY, start with prepare two main materials in need: yarn and cardboard. Yes, the simpler, the better, so you do not need much money to make it by yourself, actually. At first attempt, you might need more yarn than most people need, not only as an alternative, but also in case you would like to put it in each room on your place.

So, the next thing you have to do is prepare for the loom by using a piece of cardboard. It should be sturdy so the woven wall would be perfect. There are no particular size for the loom, so you are free to cut it down depending on your preference.

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The next step of the basic loom and woven wall hanging DIY is the main event: creating the weave. Most people said that it is one of the fascinating things you need to do, at least once in your life. The things is, you just take the string out and then thread it, and then doing the same thing, until the loom fulfilled with the yarn.

If you do not feel like repeating the pattern, it would be great to work with different pattern depends on your wish. So, just be creative while weaving the yarn.

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