Various Vines Outdoor Decorations

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Various Vines Outdoor Decorations for Home Exterior

Various Vines often makes us linger long in the shop of the plant. One trick to decorate the exterior area is to plant vines. Commonly planted vines to decorate a wall or pergola or canopy. Creeper itself consists of woody plants and soft plant stems. Timber plants are usually more difficult to manage because of the wooden rod hard, making it more difficult to be directed.

Various vines can be grown on the exterior area of the house.

fantastic-wood-outdoor-pergola-plus-incredible-stone-wall-pillar-design-even-heavenly-purple-flower-vine-decor Various Vines Outdoor Decorations for home exterior

1. Dollar vines (Ficus Pumila)
Dollar crop planted most widely used for lining the outer wall of the house. Dollar consists of broad-leafed and small leaf. These plants are not flowering, evergreen, and can grow very dense. Its roots can penetrate and damage the wall, so you should always be careful and keep an eye on growth.

2. Morning glory
Morning glory has many species with a variety of bright colors. This flowering plant can grow well in areas that are less friendly, good weather is very cold or hot, so it is widely used to be grown in pergola / canopy. In a modern building, morning glory as a vertical garden planted to reduce the use of air conditioners.

3. Mandevilla
Mandevilla flowering yellow, white, pink, and red. The trunk does not always follow the vines so the occasional need to lace-up with raffia, if you want to follow the growth of the pergola. This plant is strong enough to withstand insect pests and easy to grow in tropical climates.

Purple-Wisteria,Various Vines Outdoor Decorations for home exterior

4. Petrea
Petrea is a flowering ornamental plants with the dominant color of bluish purple (Petrea Volubilis). There are also white (Petrea Arbiflora). These plants come from Latin America, but can flourish in all tropical regions such as south east Asia. The flowers themselves are very dense throughout the stem. The tree can be very heavy and meet the growing media.

5. Hedera
Hedera plants believed to be one of the air purifier. This plant consists of several pesies, whose glossy green leaves, leafy little long, and leafy green with white shades. Although often found as a hanging plant, hedera also often used as an ornamental vines wall or canopy.

6. Alamanda
At first glance mandevilla alamanda very similar to, but different forms of the petals. Alamanda yellow or pink, and can grow very dense. This plant is commonly grown as a green fence. If you want to make plants for pergolas, pergola make sure you have a strong frame, because alamanda grow very dense.

7. Tears bride
Basically, a small flowering plants are weeds. However, because of the beauty of flowers and ease of care and almost without fertilizer, you can make it as an ornamental plant in the yard. Do not forget to cut it because it plant grow very fast.

8. Wisteria
Wisteria is a subtropical plant, so it will be quite difficult to plant in a tropical country. It takes precision in treatment, especially when the process of seeding and transfer to the ground. Wisteria is a woody vines that can grow up to 20 meters up to hundreds of years old. Wisteria price is quite expensive because it is difficult in breeding.

9. Flame of Irian (Mucuna Benetti)
Named for the flower consists of a string of fairly large and reddish orange. This flower is quite rare, so the price is relatively expensive. However, growth is fairly quick and easy to maintain. There is a version of the blue, his name jade vine (jade flower).

10. Shower orchid (Congea tomentosa)
Shower Orchid has the advantage of petals that do not easily fall and planting a simple (only need fertilizing 4 months). Although named orchid, this plant was not included species of orchids. This flower is very like the sun’s heat so it is suitable to cover the pergola.

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In addition to the above plants, vines commonly used is the rose, Bougenville, and jasmine. Vines would be very fitting to add to the beauty of the exterior walls and your garden. Do not forget to take care of on a regular basis according to the needs of each type.

(Various Vines Outdoor Decorations)

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