Parametrium of Contrasts by Geometrix Design

Parametrium of Contrasts by Geometrix Design

Black and white are great color to combine. The colors may be simple, yet they are powerful. They are less colorful, but things still can be simple yet interesting. Of course, comfortable rooms can also be found and achieved with those monochrome colors. Feeling of spacious room can also be found in the monochrome. That is why these color combinations still have their own fans. In this case, things can be better when the monochrome is applied in unique and attractive design. In this case, monochrome colors and the unique design can be found in the Parametrium of Contrasts by Geometrix Design.

Parametrium of Contrasts by Geometrix Design has the great touches of black and white. Even, it seems that other colors cannot be found in this building. There are only black and white, and their gradients and contrasts. Then, the unique shapes also make the house and its room more than interesting. The concept is called as parametric architecture and it seems that this term is used for the unpredicted shapes of this house. The house does not want to be simple. Its designer does not want to make simple houses although the colors are monochrome. The house is designed with many interesting shapes to bring the modern touches. Art deco styles and other styles are provided by this house.

Curves become one of the details found in this house. Parametrium of Contrasts by Geometrix Design has many unique curves. In fact, the curves are only part of the design and they are not totally useful, however they have powerful impact on the whole room designs. They do not make the room less interesting or less comfortable, in fact, the house is still comfortable. Furthermore, the house has soft and warm lighting. Moreover, the bedroom has the leather quilted bed, so the lighting and material make the room so comfortable. Ceiling, flooring and wall of this house are made so artistic and unique to give awesome yet comfortable house.

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