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Note The Tips Redesign Your Living Loom

Tips redesign your living room -Living room, living room, and living room! Is one of the most important rooms in a house. If the bedroom is used for the resting place of the owner of the house and the whole family, the kitchen as a place to cook, and the bathroom as a place to get cleaned up then the living room is the place to create an interaction with your neighbors, and all of your friends or relatives, for it the living room is the most fitting place to make a good impression for everyone, about your home and your pleasure for a homeowner.

Because as we always say, the living room can be a reflection for the owner of the house itself. If your living room a mess, it will automatically be you will be judged as being lazy and messy, they will also think if the rest of the house is equally messy in your living room. For that, it is very important to keep the neatness of your living room at any time.

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Apart from being a place to receive guests, sometimes the living room is also used as a gathering place for the nuclear family. Especially now, a lot of the living room which has a double function as a family room. So, in addition to always keep the living area clean and tidy, be sure to make your living space as comfortable as possible and in accordance with the tastes of other family members, because apart from being a place to meet with friends, your living room can be a place to gather with family, either was to discuss important issues, or just a casual talk.

To create a comfortable  living room decorating tips note the following:

1. Make sure the concept of Living

tips redesign your living room 15

Should we must know the design in our homes. Including classical minimalist home or a house or a modern home. The concept of a minimalist home is definitely different with the concept, antique or classic. So we have to see our house, new furniture then what is suitable for our living room.

2. Setting Decor Living Room

While decorating our living room was a bother, just go ahead and find the best solution. If necessary ask the opinion of his / her spouse and children. Discussed together their best to decorate our living room. For example, around the line of sight, we must memililih not to use furniture that creates a visual block. A bench or a low corner table is a possible choice according to the guest chair seating position, do not let no obstacle for more flexibility in viewing.

3. Chairs

This is a mandatory thing in the living room. Can the minimalist model, or a model of a sofa. Judging from its function, the guest chair is the most central of furniture in the living room. Make sure the guest chair design choice is right, and the careful arrangement. As much as possible to make the atmosphere of the living room as comfortable as possible with the most ideal guest chair.

4. Select Living Room Furniture That Has Appropriate Size

For the concept of a large living room and spacious would be easier to arrange than the cramped living room. But do not lose heart, cramped living room is not necessarily uncomfortable. Now it has been sold a sofa or a chair having a certain minimalist design and comfort is not inferior to a sofa or a chair big models. Choose wisely to produce the concept of a living room comfortable and attractive.

5. Give Additional Accessories For Living

Any accessories that we can use? In fact plenty of vendors selling accessories for the living room. Could that to the wall or to table and sideboard. Framed mirror is one of them. It can be very harmonious when to model classic living room. While the aqua souvenir is a fitting choice for our minimalist desk accessories. If it is still lacking, could add a vase of flowers painted on the corner of our living room.

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