Tips and Tricks for Southern House Decor Plans

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For those who have ever spent their time in the South, you may have understood that home decorating is something that come naturally to the people that live there. Decorating has become a part of the lifestyle and the culture. Some Southerners even inherit family heirlooms like hand-painted oyster plates, old oil paintings, and julep cups to make their homes become more and more attractive. This habits make a Southern home have something that is hard to emulate; they have this thing called je ne sais quoi. Despite so, it does not mean that we can create our own Southern-style home. In this article, we will give a brief explanation about the things that you can do for your Southern house decor plans.

The core tenets of Southern house decor plans based on Melissa Miles Rufty, a New Orleans-based designer, is the idea that the decoration is collected over time. She said that a room that look like its decor all arrived on the same day. Southern interiors give the vibe of “collected over time and a bit imperfect” which offers an unmistakable soulful feelings. Mark D. Sikes, an L.A.-based designer noticed that family heirlooms and antiques are common theme in every Southern home. Another tenet of Southern home is its entertaining and playful interiors. It require a compilation of entertainment, comfort, thought-provoking, and humor elements. It gives a warm and welcoming ambience to the guest, and it also makes the guest laugh and smile. Things like sterling silver and monogrammed linens are used every day.

Southern Home Design Plans

The must-have component of Southern house decor plans that every Southern home should have is a big kitchen or room for gathering and hosting. Fresh flowers and greenery from yard, and also liquid refreshment are also essential for Southern home decoration. Since Southern interiors are rooted in tradition, it may be a bit difficult to make an antique oil painting and grandma’s settee fell fresh. The solution is actually pretty simple: mixing the old furniture with the new. Places like trims, painted ceilings, and fabric on the walls are all great places to integrate modern elements. There are several new trends that are emerging in South. The first is statement lighting, wallpaper and old-school prints, and midcentury furniture. The idea of layering is also gaining attention. Another new trend is corner banquettes. It is usually used in entrances, which gives the tone when you enter the house.

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