Supermodel Kate moss interior designing 3

Supermodel Kate moss interior designing 3

Kate Moss unveils interior design debut for luxury home

It turned out that supermodel Kate Moss is not satisfied waddle on the catwalk. He now penetrated the world of interior design. A luxury home in the English countryside, The Barnhouse, became the first debut.

Kate Moss brings a romantic atmosphere in a rustic interior decorating this house. He uses color palette grounded. Window glass is made of material width, from floor to ceiling. The glass door which was also made toward the open deck. The house is equipped with a swimming pool and an area of 650 acres of forest area.

Kate Moss brings comfort with features vintage chic pop culture. To realize his dream in the interior of a house worth 2.5 million pounds was, Moss cooperate with Yoo, an architecture and design firm founded by John Hitchcox and Philippe Starck.

“John and I are friends. We really liked this country (as well as the pub), “Kate Moss said as quoted from “When he let me know about The Barnhouse located in this forest grove, I was intrigued and excited to be part of the design team. Yes, we are creating a resting place in the middle of the forest, which is perfect as a refuge with family and friends. “

This house has a brick and wood cladding, extensive glass, gabled roof and a large raised deck with a private pool.

Inside, the five bedrooms are arranged around a double-height living room, with a kitchen open to one side. Among the highlights is the master bedroom, which is furnished with plush carpets thick gray four-poster bed and a mirror.

the other bedrooms are finished with wallpaper with brand London House of Hackney, by Victorian designs by William Morris.

A large Wireflow light by Arik Levy hangs in the middle of the living room, where the furniture is upholstered like velvet.

“The kitchen is the focal point of a prominent display cabinets with Crittall indigo blue glass, and old-school brass cup handles, creating an atmosphere of intense and moody center to the heart of the house,” said a statement from Yoo.

“The kitchen also features a solid island of concrete and slate important table for an intimate family life. Twist striking is the old-fashioned decor extended into the living room with the use of leading furniture such as curved sofa in velvet buttons Talisman built on a brass base.”

bespoke furniture was built by David Haddock, a local craftsman who built Moss’ locker room in London. The furniture includes a dining table with matching benches, four-poster bed steel. A TV cabinet including silver lightning, which was a tribute to the pop star David Bowie.

Moss has also selected works of art for the home, including pieces by Damien Hirst, Allen Jones and collaboration models with dinosaurs Chapman and Chris Allen. Yoo says art helps create “retro-glamor take on the traditional English house”.

“Located in the heart of the Cotswolds, in a secluded one-acre private forest land itself, the new five-bedroom home is a retreat away from the bright lights of the city and catwalk scene,”

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Thus, the interior design Supermodel Kate Moss is a luxury in the countryside, so hopefully inspire you.

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