Sleek Kitchens, Wood Designs and Technology Highlights of Milan 2016 – Are you wondering what kind of things highlighted on the trend of Milan right now? When we are talking about trends that are highlighted in Milan this year, we will find some kitchen innovations and also fresh and elegant furniture that you can consider as a finishing of your home design. What are you waiting for? Let’s see this quick overview of home design trends in Milan.

Best Sleek Kitchens, Wood Designs and Technology Highlights of Milan 2016

The first one is hidden kitchen. Hidden kitchen becomes such interesting trend in Milan right now. Most of them come with such sleek cabinetry which comes in various kind of materials including wood, leather and glass. There will be wall that hide newest technologically storage cabinets, dishwashers and also appliances that are offered by the nowadays market. We can say that all the design taste in here has high level of minimalism. The next one from sleek kitchens, wood designs and technology highlights of Milan 2016 is about undefined cook-top. Most of the booths are presenting induction cook-tops, but few of them also presented such new cook-top which does not have any burner or knob. In this case, we can see few new styles for people who prefer cooking by using gas.

Still in the range of kitchen area, there is also stylish kitchens storage presenting as a new trend in Milan 2016. Special container, light drawers and optional backsplash storage are uniquely combined to create such stylish kitchen storage. In this case, the kitchen seems to be more functional than before. One of the examples is Leicht which offers great storage system in its modular backsplash. This stylish storage allows us to select storage pieces which we like to hang from a main rail. That is all some information about sleek kitchens, wood designs and technology highlights of Milan 2016.

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