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Rio de Janeiro, Heaven Architecture Beautiful World

Rio de Janeiro, Heaven Architecture Beautiful World

Rio de Janeiro, Heaven Architecture Beautiful World

Rio 2016 Olympic Games are over. All countries rejoiced at the Olympic Games Rio 2016. However, it is also interesting to be discussed here, the city of Rio de Janeiro Brazil is not only about the Rio Olympics in 2016, but the fact that rio de janeiro is a haven for lovers of the building – the building is beautiful.

We have collected 4 building is beautiful and full of history, in rio de janeiro brazil. Who knows it could be the inspiration for my friend.

1. Real Gabinete Português de Leitura (Royal Portuguese Reading Room)

Ancient library is located in Rio de Janeiro Brazil. Standing from the time the Portuguese empire in 1887, the library has a collection of 350,000 books.

Interestingly, the collection – collection of hundreds of thousands of these, until now still well composed in a wooden rack, with a special carving that runs along the floor, and menjulan upward to the sky – the glass ceiling.

Hundreds of thousands of books in the library of the Real Gabinete Português de Leitura arranged with very beautiful. Shelves carved wooden classic style soaring up into the sky – the sky is the roof of the library building.

Interior detail is reflected in the library room Real Gabinete Português de Leitura. It can be seen how the artist at that time, with a very neat and tidy decorate every corner of the library.

The sky – the sky from the library Real Gabinete Português de Leitura is equally beautiful. Abstract glass dome with a very beautiful, very bracing atmosphere reinaisance on the interior of the library.

2. Teatro Municipal do Rio de Janeiro (The Municipal Theatre)

Municipal Theater, located in Cinelandia (Praça Marechal Floriano), in downtown Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Built in the early twentieth century, Teatro Municipal do Rio de Janeiro is considered as one of the most beautiful and important theaters in the country.

The building is designed in an eclectic style, inspired by the Paris Opéra by Charles Garnier. The outside walls were written the names of artists Eurocentric and Brazilian classics.

As for the interior, bringing luxury through the placement of statues works of Henrique Bernardelli, and paintings by Rodolfo Amoedo and Eliseu Visconti.

Henrique Bernardelli, Rodolfo Amoedo and Eliseu Visconti, is an artist – an artist who is solely responsible for making all of the interior in the Teatro Municipal do Rio de Janeiro, from the placement of the magnificent curtains, decorations on the stage, and the nave ceiling foyer decorations for ceiling

At the Teatro Municipal do Rio de Janeiro also has a basement restaurant, the décor is no less admirable, called Assírius restaurant.

3. Vista Chinesa

Vista Chinesa is a small building with a structure of China. The building is situated at an altitude of 380 meters in Tijuca National Forest, one of the largest urban forest in the world.

Vista Chinese offers one of the most impressive sights in Rio. Of Vista Chinese, visitors can see the rio de Janeiro as a whole, with a view of typical tropical brasil and views of green forests and the bay.

Vista was made by the Chinese immigrants china in 1903, who worked as laborers in the tea plantation industry in Brazil. Chinese architecture is very strong in this Chinese building Vista. This makes the original beauty does not fade inedible era. Repairs to the building could only be made to re-paint and polish the building structure.

4. Niterói Contemporary Art Museum (MAC Niterói)

The Niterói Contemporary Art Museum, also known as the MAC, designed by renowned Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer and completed in 1996.

In designing this, Oscar Niemeyer assisted by a structural engineer Bruno Contarini, who has worked with Niemeyer on earlier projects.

The structure of this iconic dish-shaped building, located on a cliff above the Guanabara bay in the city of Niteroi, impeccable framing panoramic views of the city of Rio de Janeiro.

MAC has a height of 16 meters, and is located on a paved area. Accessible through a specially built road with a length of 98 meters long.

MAC-Niterói is built with a height of 16 meters, the dome diameter of 50 meters with three floors. In the MAC-Niterói also has an area of 817 square meters, which functioned as a pool, which is placing around the base of the cylinder “like a flower”.

In the MAC-Niterói there is also a wide access road, which leads to the Hall of Expositions, which has a capacity for sixty people. Two doors lead to the viewing gallery, where it can be seen Guanabara Bay, Rio de Janeiro and Sugarloaf Mountain. Saucer-shaped modernist structure, which has been likened to a UFO, is set on a cliff, at the bottom of which is a beach.

how my friend? 4 buildings are beautiful and most visited in rio de janeiro brasil hopefully can provide inspiration. And get inspired other buildings beautiful buildings in the world only here.

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