Retaining Wall Design Ideas

Retaining Wall Design Ideas – Contoured land that will cause problems in designing and building occupancy. However, in addition to the weakness, contour has a strength in the aesthetic part. How to create an aesthetic that is to create a retaining wall.

Retaining wall is just one element that is often made on the contour and the retaining wall that serves to restrain, restrict and stabilize the soil surface at different levels. In addition, retaining wall also serves to provide an aesthetic touch to the height of the land surface is contoured. Thus, the area will be safe from small erosion.

While arranging retaining wall, note the infiltration and drainage at the bottom so that the stability of retaining walls and soil moisture is maintained. If necessary, use backfill gravel or plumbing at the bottom. If the land were to be detained too high, make some degree of retaining walls.

Very important to choose the material retaining wall as consideration to create a composition and aesthetic thorough with the house. Some of the materials commonly used to make the retaining wall include stone, wood, and concrete.

Each material has its advantages and disadvantages. Retaining wall composed of natural stone has a natural character. The use of diverse natural stone size will make the display more attractive retaining wall. However, the process of making a retaining wall of natural stone structure is quite difficult, because it had to adjust the size of the stone and the other one so that the surface looks flat and aesthetically. Stone retaining wall has enormous power and can be used for tall structures. To glue the natural stone, usually used in the original cement.

In contrast to the natural stone, wood retaining wall typically used in ground contoured ramps. Wood was not strong enough as the support of a high wall. So that the defense function optimally, install the support beams in construction. And, because it is outside the room, so choose a timber that is weatherproof and add a waterproof layer.

Retaining wall made of concrete has a power that is almost equivalent to the natural stone, but it costs a lot more. In order not to look too simple, you can leave a layer of natural stone as an aesthetic complement.

Some other materials that can be used as a retaining wall is paving block, grass block and wall roster. Both of these materials become an alternative option to construct retaining wall because of its symmetry and precision. When the pressure of the soil is not too strong, paving blocks can be applied without adhesives.

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