How to plant rose vines on pergolas (3)

How to plant rose vines on pergolas (3)

Lovely garden with plant rose vines

Rose propagation is a type of rose that the trunk could sticking follow tendrils or wall. Like vines for other houses, plant rose vines are also very beautiful to decorate the home page. Especially if you want to have a pergola in the house, plant rose vines is well suited to be decorated beautify the park. Planting roses propagation is different from the usual planting roses. The treatment was different. You are still a beginner, you should listen to the following explanation. Rose plant propagation is no less interesting than the rose plant trees.

Planting vines roses

The rose is a plant that grows flowering shrubs can be up to a maximum of only 5 meters. But specifically for the plant rose vines, growth could reach 20 meters. You who want to plant this type of rose vines do not need to worry, because roses vines can grow in any climate, including a tropical climate. Rose propagation is also a plant that thrives in all seasons in tropical climates, so it is appropriate for your home page.

Planting roses vines can use pots or polybags planting medium, or directly in the ground. For a good appearance with high fertility rates, better planting directly in the ground rose vines. Here are the stages grow roses vines. To get the beauty of the rose propagation of this plant it is not too difficult.

Prepare the planting medium, namely soil, pots, or polybag.
Prepare a fertile land that has been given the compost or manure. If not, prepare a composition of clay, sand and fertilizer with a ratio of 1: 1: 1.
Put the soil mixture into the planting medium. Garden soil for planting media, you have to dig the soil first, then fill in the fertile soil mix.
Attach media to propagate roses, such as wood, bamboo, pergolas, and others.
Select roses seed propagation. If you want to grow in a number of rather a lot for plastering walls, planting seedlings with a distance of 1 meter. The planting roses near the pergola.
If planted in pots or near the fence, plug wood or bamboo near the plants which have grown 10 cm.
In order to flourish, water the rose vines every morning and afternoon.
For planting directly in the ground, dug garden soil first, then enter the fertile soil planting medium roses.

Fertilization rose vines

For the propagation of new roses grow, use a type of organic fertilizer, the compost or manure containing nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus. Can also use NPK fertilizer with a ratio of 2: 5: 2. As for the rose plant vines that had grown long enough, fertilization is done in the middle of the rainy season, when the young leaves reddish color begins to grow. Flush until the water is completely penetrated into the soil, the day before fertilizing. This is to prevent the ‘poisoning’ caused by excess nutrients in the fertilizer. Watering is also done after fertilization, so the fertilizer can be spread around the plant roots. The day before fertilization, plant rose vines should be watered once let water into all subsoil.

The use of chemical fertilizers is done after the flowers bloom for the first time, with watering in the previous day. Apply fertilizer carefully around the base of the plant, not to get splattered onto the leaves of rose vines. Then flush back. The use of chemical fertilizers somewhat risky because it could lead to damaged roots, especially if high NPK ratio.

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plant rose vines is interesting. Especially if you want a house with a classic style like houses abroad are furnished pergola and vines on the wall.

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