Pirate Themed Bedroom for your son

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Pirate Themed kids bedroom ideas

Every parent would agree that they will do anything for the happiness of the Baby. Various ways taken to please the little one, including decorating the rooms with unique themes that they enjoy. boys usually happy with warrior-themed bedroom, beach-themed bedroom, or a room with the theme of robots and cars. But, perhaps your children also liked the somewhat unique theme, namely pirates. Inspired by Hollywood movies that tell how this pirate adventure thrill, would make a child’s imagination is so wild and want to experience the same adventure. So, it never hurts to make a pirate themed room decor for her. Rooms with a pirate theme will be very attractive and make the boy you like playing around in the house.

To make a child’s bedroom pirate themed, first you must know in advance what are the hallmark of a pirate. Known pirate flag skull and cross bones using. In addition, the pirates also commonly known as activity hijack ships, hat is typical, and eyes that closed door. Also drawing a sword that is identical to the activities of the pirates. Of course the decoration of this kind will make children, especially boys very happy. Here are tips and inspiration pirate themed room design for you.

Pirate themed Bedroom for your son 3

Pirate-themed rooms with bunks boat
Boat-shaped bed in the room was furnished stuffed fish, octopus, and a one-eyed monkey. The floor looks like the blue color of sea water below the boat beds.

Pirate-themed children’s room with a skull sticker
Only with skull stickers as shown below and use the same color, a child’s room has been themed pirate. Stickers skull with a headband and crossed swords as well as fishing nets add a sense of adventure in the boys room.

Design pirate-themed room with a bed mezzanine
Shades of navy blue and red hearts on a pirate themed child’s room.
The lower part is a hallway where to play pirates with decorations depicting the sea and boats

Pirate themed Bedroom for your son

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See examples pirate-themed children’s room in the picture shown below.

Pirate Themed Bedroom for your son Pictures

Striped-Pirate-Themed-Kids-Bedroom Pirate themed Bedroom for your sonPirate themed Bedroom for your son-decorating-ideasPirate themed Bedroom for your sonPirate themed Bedroom for your son 5Pirate themed Bedroom for your son 4Pirate themed Bedroom for your son 3Pirate themed Bedroom for your son 2Kids-Bedroom-Ideas-with-Pirates-ThemeKids-Bedroom-Decorating-Ideas-within-Pirates-ThemeBeds-and-Bunks-Pirate themed Bedroom for your son
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