Minimalist Wooden House Concept Modern Feel (2)

Minimalist Wooden House Concept Modern Feel (2)

The Concept of Minimalist Wooden House

Minimalist Wooden House – The existence of a wooden house at this time are difficult to find. This is due to the difficulty of wood raw material for the manufacture of wooden houses in addition to the price more expensive. Besides being costly, the use of wood for home-making would also tend to push to an increased risk of global warming, because of the lack of trees. But for homes with a minimalist concept which has a land area that is not too large can be an alternative choice for home lovers with a natural feel.

Minimalist Wooden House Design

Wood House Offers a choice for lovers of house made from wood. As it is known today use wood elements for the manufacture of the house was minimal because the price is expensive and not considered environmentally friendly. Though the house is made of wood house much more comfortable than a stone house. This is due to the nature of wood that can provide a sense of warmth during the cold and in the summer months hit the wooden house owners will not be too hot.

Usage Model Wooden House Minimalist

Model Wooden House Minimalist usually widely applied precisely by the upper class. Model wooden house with a minimalist concept should not be like a house on stilts that exist. In general, minimalist wooden houses are widely applied today are a blend of classic and modern elements. However if you are a lover of art and culture in the country, will be added value if carved wooden houses and furniture are given a touch of traditional ornaments.

The beauty of minimalist wooden house is usually located on the wooden structure and the combination of wood used. Because each type of wood has a color and fiber as well as a distinctive odor that is different. But in choosing the type of wood must be properly addressed. Not to find wood that is not perfectly dry which causes easily weathered wood or wood that have not gone through the process and the provision of anti-termite infestation. Because in building houses, construction durability is the main thing.

Wooden House Design Modern Minimalist generally combines natural elements and elements of technological sophistication. The most important thing in the concept of minimalist modern wooden house is the use made of parquet flooring, partitions wooden house with a design firm and dominant lines until the lamp usage ceiling down lights.

Interior wooden house with parquet floor and wooden partitions

To get Wooden House Minimalist modern and environmentally friendly, can be circumvented by combining elements of stone and wood on the walls of the house. It also will make the house become stronger and beautiful because of strong stone construction combined with a layer of wood that can provide comfort and a natural feel but elegant.

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