traditional-staircase Mexican style home decor

traditional-staircase Mexican style home decor

Mexican style home decorating

Mexico is known to many as the origin of ancient civilizations such as the Aztec and Maya, or traditional foods such as burritos and tacos, or housewives who’s crazy in Mexico because telenovela star; Thalia. Mexico, like many other countries in South America, has a style unique and distinctive culture. One that stands out from Mexico is a beautiful traditional houses, rooted in Spain and has a strong feel of the Mediterranean. Here are some elements of the Mexican style interior that will make your home look more beautiful.

Mexican style home decor is dominated by bright colors such as red, yellow, and orange. This color is applied in a wide range of accessories and furniture, ranging from curtains, sofa, carpet, sofa cushions, cupboard, until the color of the walls. These colors give the impression of a warm and welcoming room. Remember, to get the look that fits, you must pay attention to proportion and lighting.

Jars and pottery
Mexico is synonymous with handicrafts such as jars or pottery. The result was quite distinctive because it has a style that is full of color. Put an earthenware jar or a pot of cacti and other succulent plants. These plants can be placed on a table or on the edge of the wall. While the small size can be displayed on a shelf. Do not need to put too much, so that your home decor is not too crowded or full.

The element of metal
Use fixtures made of iron or metal, especially in the kitchen and garden. Examples include: a park bench of iron and wood, wine racks, trays, jars, decorative plates, garden lights, light room, and a dining table set from metal. Decorating the house with the metal element will add to the aesthetic appearance.

Ikat fabrics multi colored
Huipils and serapes are two typical woven products mountainous central region of Mexico. Ikat Mexico are usually rich in color and has a strong geometric motifs. This textile is very difficult to come by, unless you come right down to it. As an alternative, you can use the ikat weaving south east Asia such as Indonesia. Choose a pattern of rich colors to approach the characteristics huipils and serapes. This fabric can be used as a pillow cover, sofa cover and curtains.

Floor tiles patterned vintage
You’ve seen the model tiles popular in the 1930 s. The color is natural and there is a floral-patterned portion. These colors are widely used in the home of Mexico’s population until now. Cement tiles like this one you can get in a ceramic factory. Use the type of tile to give the impression of earthy on the terrace, kitchen, and dining room.

Doors and arched windows
Mexican architecture is very thick with an arch at the top of the door and window. Create models such as doors and windows to complete the hacienda atmosphere at home. This model will make the house look luxurious. But, if you do not want to bother, at least use a wood pattern on the door.

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