The interior design of the house and the furniture in blue

The interior design of the house and the furniture in blue be a great option for those who want to look cool and elegant on the inside of his house. The color blue has a strong accent that displays an elegant room conditions. As well as a mix of colors for the interior design of the house, the blue color is also often used as a combination of other colors.

Using a blue base color on the interior design and made of blue as the color blend with other colors still not reduce the aesthetic value of the blue color itself. Your room will look elegant with the presence of a blue color.

Here are seven examples of interior design and furnishings provide blue and review briefly,

Bathroom with a blue color combination
Bathroom with using blue is a common thing. We can see in the design of the pool is generally always use a blue base color on the floor. Likewise with the bathroom design, in general, also wearing a blue floor. You can use the blue ceramic tiles and modify it slightly, as applying to the walls of the bathroom.

Child’s bedroom shades of blue
Children’s room is one of the most important parts in the house. In the room is exactly your baby will do everything from learn, play and rest. The use of blue color will trigger the condition of the room is elegant and comfortable to live in. Thus at least could shape the character. You can use the blue color on the furniture just like cabinets, bookcases, or bed cover.

Bedroom blue
Well, for a private bedroom for you can decorate with more viscous. Like painting the entire wall with dark blue paint. Floor and ceiling to try other colors are brighter. Combine well with some other furniture such as chairs, small tables in blue. Additionally bed cover and a pillowcase or blanket is also great if you use blue.

Kitchen and kitchen set in blue
Staining the kitchen design try only on furnishings alone, for example kitchen disk set only. To set the wall with paint another color only.

Sofa or chair in blue
The important part and very nice for being the object of a complement to the interior design of your home is a few chairs or a sofa. Use seat sofa in blue and put on the side of the room would you design

Wall with blue paint
The walls can also be used as an essential ingredient. Giving color or painting the walls do not necessarily monotone blue that it was just fine. You can the creation coloring your walls.

Blue concept living room
The living room is also an important part. Entertaining others in the house itself is liable. Design your living room by giving the blue color of the walls. And use other colors on other furniture such as chairs and tables. It was as a lightening of the color blue.

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Well, that’s a few examples of interior design and furnishings in blue that you can make a reference material for building interior minimalist blue home. Good luck.

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