Hanging Stairs Design Modern Homes

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Hanging stairs design modern home

Planned to build a house for more than one floor? Meaning you have to set up the design stairs than it is today. Like what about the unique design and is different from the stairs in general? If it can be a minimalist design, space-saving, but not the market. Hey, hanging stairs make it! The number of homes that have a hanging staircase design is not as many homes with conventional staircase. But that does not mean this model ladder ugly. Hanging ladder can look attractive and keep it safe for use. Do not believe? See the designs below, Oke.

Hanging stairs design inspiration for today’s modern homes

Design stairs hanging light colors
Stairs hanging light red color was designed by Michaelis Boyd. Railing made of metal screen material that were spray painted bright red. In it we will be like entering the hall that mystical. This futuristic stair design will be very interesting to try at home. Stairs hanging phenomenal from tempered glass and acrylic red color, very attractive and become a major attraction in the room.

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Design stairs hanging on rustic modern house
Houses with accents of wood materials has always been a preferred design of all time. Wood produces a luxurious feel close to nature. Industrial design rustic staircase of wood material combines the concept as well, namely the hanging ladder ladder once floated. The wooden staircase strung with strong metal material, suitable for industrial minimalist style house.

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Design ribbon hanging wooden stairs
The timber arranged winding movement symbolizes dynamic and modern. Stair design like this is not easily made indeed, but it will be very interesting and become a focal point in your home if it could be realized. Stairs hanging from the wood with a dynamic and modern design.

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Hanging stairs sleek design
To save a load of the building, the design of stairs with a thin material such as this could be an alternative option. The material is thin but still strong, since it is supported by a metal wire as its hanger. Looks more minimalist and compact, making it fit for a small house that wants to still look beautiful. Design of stairs so thin as to reduce the mass of the load, looks like a floating staircase.

Ladder hanging diagonal stripes

To create a motif on a ladder hanging, can be circumvented by the preparation of metal wires that hang. For example on a thin hanging ladder and hanging ladder that connects downstairs with this mezzanine. By directing the wire rope cross-linked, will create a slanted stripes and a kite shape.
Hanging ladder with metal wire made criss crossed thus creating a diagonal line pattern.
Hanging staircase that connects the lower floor with mezzanines.
See Ladder hanging on ethnic modern house in the picture below the article.

Wed traditional elements with modern elements, natural elements with artificial beauty, will give birth to the modern house with character. For example by creating a hanging ladder minimalist home with ethnic style filled with statues of traditional and tropical flowers like this. Pretty, is not it?
Ladder hanging from the wood to the house minimalist modern ethnic style.

Design ladder hanging ‘hall of the future’
If you see a hanging staircase with wooden hangers strewn along the handrail like this, seemed to see the hallway entrance to a building or a futuristic spacecraft. As if this staircase was originally fused to the upper floor, and then automatically opens and becomes the entrance stairs. Interesting right?
Ladder hanging with dramatic effect that resembles the stairs in a futuristic building.

Design wooden ladder hanging nets
Handrail is a major center for the decoration of stairs. Hanging stairs can still be made interesting with handrail designed as webs of these boxes.
Hanging stairs with handrail design such as mesh boxes.

Make a hanging stairs is not easy, because it requires great care in order to design the really strong and not easily broken.

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