White Apartment by Next Level Studio 7

White Apartment by Next Level Studio 7

White becomes one of the most common colors for painting the house. Interior and exterior have white and there are many houses applying this color. However, there are also some people who do not like to have white as the dominant color of the house since it can be easily stained and it will be bad. In fact, white can be great choice since this color can create an effect, so the houses can be spacious. White is also great since it is like a neutral color, so it will be comfortable color to stay. In this case, White Apartment by Next Level Studio can be one of the references of house that can optimize the white as the dominant color.

As its name, White Apartment by Next Level Studio is a building with domination of white. Even, it is crazily dominated by white. More than 90 percents of this house is painted in white. The building looks so clean and somehow, it has a perfect. It may be white, yet the house looks so interesting. White is not only used for the wall of this house. In fact, the roof and floor of this house is dominated by white. Then, the furniture also comes in white. There may be black in the furniture, but those are not dominant, even it is a minor color of this house. It may not be excessive to say that it is like staying in the cloud, or even heaven.

Then, White Apartment by Next Level Studio also has interesting design. White may be dominant, but there are also lighting of the blue. Cold blue is provided by the lighting. In some corner and part of this house, there are lighting to show the cold blue in the midst of white. Then, ambient of blue colors can also be found. Its living room and bathroom has great lighting of the cold blue, so when the blue lighting is turned on, it seems like staying inside the blue sea.

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