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Interior Gothic style

At first, gothic style building is much simpler to save the budget at the time of the Crusades. With the same design, the building was made thinner but still strong. At the time of this gothic anyway, began to use the iron material as the main element in the windows, stairs, doors, and furniture. Iron make the room look dark and mystical impressed. The impression is that now the main feature gothic style.

Along with the times, gothic style began marginalized. more people love the minimalist style is concise and practical. But, you who love the gothic style to keep showing the impression of nuanced modern gothic home. The following tips.

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1. It is not always black

This style is synonymous with dark shades. But, you do not have to always use the color black. To give the impression of calm and dark, bold colors can be used. For example red color on the cushion, maroon on the wallpaper, the parquet floor with dark motives, or other dark colors that can be applied on a counter top and furniture.

But, gothic style house also not always use dark colors. As the apartment above the gothic chose white as the color of paint the walls, with a slight accent light gray. Light colors will show the impression of a modern and fresh.

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2. Touch the metal firm

Apply colors and shapes are firmly on the metal element that is in the room, for example the legs of furniture, stair rail, handle, or frame. The metal used should be dark. May choose other colors, such as red, indigo, or gold, but the colors are not all dominant.

 3. Dominance minimalist shape

After all, you live in the modern era that promotes practicality and beauty of simple forms. To combine with minimalist patterns, choose some minimalist furniture, for example on a bookshelf, table and kitchen cabinet, and the lights were simple elegant.

 4. Ethnic Accents

A traditional patterned rug or cushion ethnic puff will give a dramatic impression of depth. This offset the dominance of minimalist accents in the room and give the impression of ethnic mystical.

5. Apply a style victoria

It’s time to add an element of the identity of a gothic room. Because the gothic style originated in Europe, do not forget to add victoria style house. Victoria style can be obtained from the head patterned wall hangings carved renaissance style. It could also be of material selection leather, fur and thick cloth. Add a mirror engraved or classic chandelier in the room.

6. Floor

No special floor types. But, should you choose dark, such as flooring of natural stone, porcelain dove black, mahogany parquet floor motif, or cement floors exposed shiny.

7. Windows and doors

The main characteristic gothic can be clearly seen from the outside is the selection of the design of doors and windows. Select the doors and windows with lots circular arrangement of the city. If necessary, add some dark colored stained glass with human motives cloaked. Cat doors and windows with brownish black color.

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