White House Exterior Paint for Traditional Design

White House Exterior Paint For Traditional Design

After so many years living in the same house, you may get bored with its ambience and wanted to change its look. The first step to change the look of your dull house is choosing the right exterior paint colors. But for some people, choosing the right exterior paint colors can be a pain in the ass. There are two important things to be considered before choosing exterior paint colors: the paint’s durability and the paint’s quality. You have to be careful on choosing the paints as painting a house is a huge investment. You need at least three different colors for siding, trim, and accents. There are several gorgeous house exterior paint colors ideas that currently become popular among homeowners. The explanation will be divided based on the exterior parts.

Before explaining about gorgeous house exterior paint colors ideas, there are several things you can do to find some inspiration. First, try to create an exterior palette around the element of the house that is unchangeable, such as brick and stone components, or roofing materials. You can try to pick complementary but contrasting color to mark architectural components and add dimension. You can also look around to find some inspiration. Choose hues that are suitable with your neighborhood, natural surroundings, and architectural style. You also need to pay attention to the right light as exterior colors may shift according to how the light hits them. Purchasing a quart of paint and smearing it on inconspicuous area if your house and observe your samples throughout the day.

After getting some inspiration, we will explain about gorgeous house exterior paint colors ideas for the siding first. This part covered the biggest area of your house and it will surely cost the most. You have to keep in mind that the color that you choose should fit with its surrounding. The most common choices for this part are gray-blues, brick brown, and neutral beiges. For the trim part, it tends to be lighter than siding to add the dynamic look on your home. You can pick the same or similar color with your siding, but a few shades lighter. The most popular choice for this part is light grays, whites, and creams. The next is accent colors where you can add some unique characteristic on your front door and shutters. This part is the part that distinguish your house from others. The colors are varying from very different browns, black lacquer, and blues.

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