Luxury and Glamorous Apartment Adam Levine

Luxury and Glamorous Apartment Adam Levine

Luxury and Glamorous Apartment Adam Levine

Glamorous Apartment Adam Levine – Who does not know the celebrity world this one? Since his debut along with Maroon 5, this handsome man successfully hypnotized women. Good looks and a fantastic body is ideal male figure of women all over the world. In announcing his marriage, suddenly all the fans to be happy at the same emotion, because they have found the idol lovely heart. But you are also fans of the same Adam Levine should not follow sadly yes. At least if you can not meet an idol, you can feel closer to her husband’s supermodel Behati Prinsloo through photographs of his residence. What kind of luxury apartments Adam Levine? Adam Levine’s apartment is located in SOHO, New York.

(Luxury and Glamorous Apartment Adam Levine)
Whose name celebrities international class, his lifestyle is definitely not far from luxury. Unlike apartments in general, this celebrity couple’s apartment is equipped with luxurious and expensive. Call it the superior quality billiard table, imported rugs, crystal chandeliers, walk-in closet the size of the rooms, Jacuzzi, and of course, a series of classy furniture is super expensive.

Adam Levine size of the apartment itself almost does not make sense to us. If it is usually the maximum size of the apartment is 72 square meters, Maroon front man’s apartment is 260 square meters. Too wide to accommodate two families and their children. However, the number of rooms reserved only 1 bedroom units only. This is why couples Levine intends to sell the apartment, to provide more decent shelter for her baby later.

The apartments are equipped with luxurious amenities with the feel of glamour that is reflected in the decor. The apartment has a very spacious size equipped with expensive furniture.

Design luxury apartment Adam Levine

open space. A kitchen area, a living room, play billiards room, and the dining room are not separated bulkhead at all. From the living room design, it can be concluded that there was likely Levine is a person who likes hanging out with his friends. Seen from the sofa seat number so much.

To shore up parts of the ceiling, painted pillars established a number of columns. Part of the ceiling itself is coated with metal wrought iron that creates industrial shades inside the apartment. A number of spot lights white and crystal chandeliers make the room brighter and wider. The pipes were left visible wires and are colored grey matching the colour of the lights and ceiling.

A living room area equipped with lots seat sofa and crystal chandeliers are expensive. The ceiling of the metal coated printing and supported by several columns.

Wood furniture dominates Adam Levine’s apartment, gave birth to the impression of warm and cozy indoors. Starting from the kitchen cabinet, dining table and chairs, billiard table, until the floor is made of wood to maintain its natural colour. The inside of the room was filled with classic minimalist style wooden furniture. Meanwhile, the entire surface is coated with a marble bathroom and luxurious white.

To complement the warmth in the room, held two large carpet under the sofa in the living room and billiard area. As background billiard parlor and this area, exposed brick walls serves textures that enrich the comfort of the room.

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