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Fun Kitchen Wall Decor Projects in Your Home

Fun Kitchen Wall Decor Projects in Your Home

Blank walls are frankly pretty uninteresting, but all it takes is a simple makeover to turn them from blah to wow. You can use decorative stickers, wallpaper or, for a more personal touch, make your own kitchen wall decor. The blank walls serve as your canvas and you can let your creativity run free.

Fun Kitchen Wall Decor Projects

Here are some easy projects to get you started:

Paper Plate Collection

The porcelain one is such a classic, but why not give it a modern twist and use paper plates? either find plates in colors, shapes and patterns you like and display them as is, or use them as frames but putting a photo, recipe or artwork in the center. If you want to protect the picture, cover everything with a coating of a clear varnish or sealer (such as Mod Podge).Silverware  Vintage silverware make interesting wall decor, and it’s more fun to show them off rather than leaving them stacked in a drawer. Showcase their luster using simple frames. Group them in pairs or in different sizes and hang on your wall. Shadow boxes make great holders as well; display them alternately with the frames. Make sure to use a strong adhesive that can hold the weight of the silverware – you don’t want them coming crashing through the glass when you least expect it!

Framed Recipes

Most of us have a few favorite recipes we go back to again and again, and why not put them on the wall? A nice way to display them is by mounting them on rectangular aluminum fluted tart tins. Enlarge and print your recipes on a nice specialty board, trim to fit into the tins and apply glue. Spray polyurethane sealer on the surface to seal and achieve a sheen effect. this is also a great, great way to display those cherished handwritten recipes passed down from earlier generations.


If you live in a rented apartment and aren’t allowed to put nails in the walls, decorate with vinyl wall art stickers. these are peel and stick decorative arts which come in a variety of fun designs. I recently came across some humorous “kitcheny” wall quote stickers that have become great conversation pieces.


Mirrors are decorative, but most of us don’t think to put them in the kitchen. The fact is that they work just as well there – a large mirror with a gilded frame can look fabulous in a stark white kitchen and provides just the right unexpected touch. Or use frameless mirrors like you would plates – group several together.

Kitchens are often the last spaces to receive those extra decorative touches, but since they are usually the place everyone ends up gathering at parties in spite of our efforts to get guests to be comfortable in the living or dining room, they deserve as much attention as any other area of the house. and as you can see, it doesn’t have to be complicated.

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