lagre-modern-living-room-design-with-window-curtains Drapery Decorating Tips and Curtains Ideas

lagre-modern-living-room-design-with-window-curtains Drapery Decorating Tips and Curtains Ideas

6 Drapery Decorating Tips

Drapery decorating tips and curtains ideas – Homes in south east Asia is obligatory to have the curtain. The object of this one is not just a sweetener, but the main function is to protect the occupants from shock and excessive sunlight. Curtain also serves to maintain the privacy of the people who are at home. But more than the main function, it should drapery are decorated with care. Here are tips decor drapery you must know.

In addition to furniture and home accessories, window fashion should also be considered to make your home more beautiful.

Tips decoration drapery 1: measuring correctly

If there is a curtain that looks unattractive, is the curtain that size does not fit. The first thing to do before buying is to measure window blinds and window sills appropriately, and then next to where you want to hang it, at any altitude, and how many inches right and left side of the window. curtain is custom-made products. If size does not fit, you can not exchange it. Drapery measurements to be precise so that it looks nice.

Tips 2: Hang a long drapery

Maybe the windows in your home are not nearly to the ceiling, but hang it right in the frame will make it look less attractive. Therefore, it is advisable to hang a bit high. High curtain will look more elegant and luxurious. Long curtains look more elegant and luxurious than the drapery are only about the size of the window frame.

Tips 3: Buying a custom drapery

Do not let you be tempted by the lure of a discount drapery finished. It could even one size and too short. Curtains that are too short will look odd, unless you hang it in the kitchen window.
So that size can fit, buy a custom drapery.

4 Drapery decorating tips¬†: Buy drapery which ‘contains’

Like the female body, which will contain more unsightly than thin. Important advice to you is, make a curtain width 2 times the size of the window. For example the size of your window 2 meters, then you must order the curtain with a width of 4 meters. This is to create the impression of a full and unbiased, so that when the curtain is closed, the curves will look beautiful drapery.
Drapery size should be 2 times the size of its width, so that when closed remain crease.

Tips decoration drapery 5: Choose the easy-care

Nowadays, there are many types of curtains are sold. There are roller blinds, curtain cloth, vitrage, and others. Drapery materials were also varied. However, almost all of them hard to clean by washing normally. In fact, many are very sensitive to moisture and easily proliferated. In fact, the price is very expensive. Therefore, choose a plain fabric drapery. His motives are many, more affordable prices, and also easy to clean.
Select drapery fabrics are easy to clean and more affordable.

Tips drapery 6: Pay attention to the mechanical components

Drapery not only consist of sheets of fabric. No mechanical components in it that should not be overlooked. This component also needs to be cleaned on a regular basis that are not easily damaged. Drapery components should also be considered to prevent rapid deterioration.

These six points above should not be neglected, because the window is also an element of the house that need to be considered, even elegant and beautiful can add a room.

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Thus 6 Drapery decorating tips and curtains ideas, may be the inspiration for you ..

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