Design The Interlace, apartments in Singapore

Design The Interlace, apartments in Singapore

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Vertical housing so one way Singapore to address the lack of residential land. With the model of vertical housing such as apartments, is expected to be more effective land use. Not to stop there, Singapore continues to try to beautify themselves by inviting the international architectural firm to design a unique building.As performed by the architectural firm OMA, who build apartments with a setting resembling a giant pile. Apartments in Singapore is named Interlace project.

Data apartment projects in Singapore, The Interlace

The Interlace using a land area of nearly 81,000 square meters, or approximately 8 hectares, for the building. While the total land used is almost 170,000 square meters. Done by Ole Schereen since 2013, has now been completed buildings that can be accessed from the Alexandra Road and Ayer Rajah Expressway. If you would like to see, follow this road yes.

Developers apartment in Singapore is providing 1,040 apartments with different sizes. There are additional landscaping as well, so you will buy existing apartment garden. This place is a series of green belt that stretches from Kent Ridge area up to Mount Faber Parks. You’ll enjoy the green scenery everywhere.

Design The Interlace, apartments in Singapore

According to Ole, The Interlace own designs are designs that break standard typology of apartment buildings in Singapore. If the apartments are usually built with a tower shape, Ole explore extreme form, which has not been tried, with the approach of tropical nature interconnected. Each block beam at The Interlace represent a form of connectivity, not just between the beams, but Also building connectivity with nature. Each block has interconnected roof-top garden with a mini waterfall, for the private and public parks.

Design apartments in Singapore this exploit with the best land available. The Interlace also maximize the closeness with nature by providing a garden in each apartment, roof garden on every block, and green balconies. Total circulation of vehicles is minimized, to keep the area green area. Aspects of sustainability in this project taking into account the good aspects of the sun, wind, and micro weather conditions. So whatever the weather, you’ll still feel comfortable inhabiting the apartment.

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