Bishan-Public-Libary-LOOK-Architects-Decorating a Cozy the Bishan Public Library

Bishan-Public-Libary-LOOK-Architects-Decorating a Cozy the Bishan Public Library

The decor is a cozy Bishan Public Library

Libraries usually synonymous with the feel stiff, somewhat dim room, bookshelves boxy brown color, and things other drab. However, not so with this one library.

Bishan Public Library is an air-glass facade building with an area of 1,400 m². The building was completed in 2006 showing the metaphor of the tree house into an arena read. It aims to create a learning environment that is more exciting and enjoyable.

The decoBishan Public Library

The use of skylights, railings and stained glass made sunlight entering a unique patterned with a range of attractive colors. Read contained niche in the facade became the main attraction of this building and create a uniqueness to attract public attention, so they want to come and study in it.

At first glance seem Bishan Public Library with many energy-saving incoming sunlight and the building area. However, this has been overcome with the spatial strategies are applied. An atrium is placed inside the building to refract incoming sunlight, coupled with the use of colored glass that withstand the heat the incoming number. The internal atrium also helps maintain air circulation.

Meanwhile, at the back of the right is next to the weight, the walls were made thicker to protect the building from the scorching afternoon sun. Stairs very sloping ramp that helps the visitor to a collection of books. The form ramps make visitors more comfortable running when crowded.

To respond to narrowing the urban area, LOOK Architects designed the library with space as efficiently as possible. In addition to the ladder ramp, keep twisting stairs and elevators are provided to keep the amount of space collection. The basement, which is free from noise, purposely designed for children, to free their imagination about the caves and other things.

In terms of interior design, you can immediately see how relaxed the feel carried by the designer. Libraries are filled with bright colors and a comfortable reading area. Even visitors can sit in an alcove read in part facades, while seeing the sights of the metropolitan city.

It is appropriate that the library is designed as comfortable as possible, to maximize the learning activities in it. Have you ever visited the library with the feel of a fun and unique architecture?
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