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Decorate Living Room Walls on Your House

Decorate Living Room Walls on Your House

Wall hangings can be quite expensive and out of financial reach for many. Scenic wall hangings cased in clear acrylic, crystal-encrusted framed mirrors, hand-painted oils, metal sculptures, and even cast resin can be extremely pricey. However, it is possible to decorate living room walls in cheap ways that look far from cheap. With imagination, ingenuity, and very little money, it is possible to decorate living room walls while making them look as stylish as those featured in catalogs and home decor showrooms. Consider the following cheap ways to decorate living room walls. Put away your credit cards and transform blank vertical spaces into eye-catching locations for self-expression and creativity in cheap ways that will look anything but cheap.

Decorate Living Room Walls

  • Frame an Eye-Catching Oversized Photo

When looking for cheap ways to decorate living room walls, expensive store-bought acrylic-coated works of photographic art are not necessary. All that is required is a digital camera, and it is not necessary to buy an expensive camera with a high number of megapixels. A cheap disposable camera works well enough to create sensational images worthy of displaying on living room walls. Take a close-up of a flower bloom covered in raindrops, a photo of a scenic view, or something more whimsical and random when looking for cheap ways to decorate a living room with contemporary design. Have the photo enlarged, and to save more money forgo the frame. A photo can be mounted on a stretched canvas. The canvas can be painted around the edges and sides to create a faux frame and a ruined look.

  • Repurpose Other Items

Items manufactured specifically to use as wall décor are not necessary when looking for cheap ways to decorate living room walls. Consider hanging interesting items such as an old pair of skis, an antique sled, a fancy hubcap, or anything else that adds interest and artistic appeal to living room walls. Repurpose items that go with the style or theme of the living room, and save money over store-bought artwork.

  • Create a Cheap and Easy Decoupage Painting

Are paintings beyond your decorating budget? It is non necessary to buy ready-made cheap oil paintings that are not cheap in price. When looking for cheap ways to decorate a living room, come up with something far more telling than assembly line oil paintings, and create a unique masterpiece. Overlap and decoupage graphics from magazines, wall paper, gift wrap, or any other paper product on an ordinary stretched canvas. Be sure to cover the sides for a unique wraparound effect that will make a frame unnecessary.

Decorate Living Room Walls with a Large Appliqué If hand-painting is not a preference when looking for cheap ways to decorate living room walls, consider selecting a large wall appliqué or series of appliqués. Apply them according to product label instructions, and decorate living room walls with a stylish mural. Peel and stick appliqués are cheap compared to other types of living room wall décor, and they can be applied within a matter of minutes while completely changing the look of the living room.

Instead of browse home décor stores for bargains, delve into your personal sense of creativity. Beautiful works of art can be created on living room walls, and although they are cheap they can look outstanding. Consider the aforementioned cheap ideas to decorate living room walls, and give the entire living room the look of a professionally designed space for far less than the cost of a single high-priced store-bought work of wall art.

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