Curtain Touches to Beautify Living Room

The interior design are endless if we discuss one by one. There are a lot of ideas that we can use to beautify every corner of the house favourite. This time I will discuss about the living room with a touch of pretty and sweet curtain that can spoil the eye for the look.

let’s see who does not like to linger in the living room if the shades in the room was transformed into a beautiful room. The living room is the first interior we live or we are entering. And thou appealed for anyone who visit. Who would have thought we could design the room into a comfortable place to talk – talk while chatting in the accompany cup of hot tea and biscuits cookies.

Curtain Touches to Beautify Living Room

For those who have a minimalist home we could touch the curtains at the window in the room. Since the function itself as an illusion curtains to make the room appear taller and wider. The living room looks so fresh and friendly with a touch of white curtains patterned flower and the inner curtain with a transparent colour or thinner. On the wooden shutters can be painted with white colour.

Section we paint the walls white or cream and wrapped with oak flooring. If you do not want the hassle of a long sofa pretty wrapped with plain white cloth while we give the sofa cushion fabric patterned to align with the curtains in order not to appear to be empty. simply select the style to a different sofa cushions for example, just like a hipster or tribal. The form was also not necessarily flat box. We can choose a sofa cushion with a round shape, for example.

If there must be a sofa table as a place to put a light dish as a treat for guests. Tables can be painted with white bones. Or if you want to align with the wall colour can be the same colour as the wall colour is beige. Bottom of the table we can add encyclopedia books or magazines that interesting to read while relaxing. Then at the top of the table put a beautiful vase of medium size contains a series of roses with a number that is not too much and too little. Then between sofa 1 seat insert small table decorated with a few souvenirs or souvenirs that can be from a variety of wedding invitations relatives, friends, or partners. And also insert unique table lamp to produce funky scene in the living room.

So that the walls do not look lonely, then add a few frames of family photos and a big beautiful picture frames in the other corner to beautify the room. No need to worry about having to spend high budget, we can choose the curtain and furniture are simple yet luxurious and elegant look. Used items can also be utilized as the furniture.

Add a hanging glass lamps and wooden wall clocks that add style to the room.

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