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Cool Features to Include In Your Smart Home

Cool Features to Include In Your Smart Home

There at least 50 cool features to include in your smart home. It means that you have a lot of cool ideas that can make your home looks as perfect as you dream about. Nowadays, the idea of smart home concept becomes quite popular. The idea brings our smartphones and also other kind of smart gadgets into account. Gaining such popularity makes the smart concept gains more creative hands as well. Now, you can see so many cool features that will make your home perfectly smart in concept and design.

The 50 Cool Features to Include In Your Smart Home

The first one is about a home security that you can control with your smart device. Perhaps, this kind of this is not really strange in your ears since there are so many systems that are specially designed for smart home like the one which is called Auguest Smart Lock here. This one of the 50 cool features to include in your smart home is certainly smart! Unlocking your door via your smartphone can be not a brand new, but this one has been improved and you will find it more awesome. This new lock now comes with HomeKit that has been integrated to allow you to use Siri as a tool to lock as well as unlock your home door.

Another smart feature that you will certainly need is a ring video doorbell. Well, your traditional doorbell is not outdated when we see this smart doorbell that uses your smartphone as a device. The one which called Ring here is a smart doorbell that allows you to know who is actually at your door without you needs to be at your door physically. Still for security purpose, The Canary is another smart system that allows you to know what is actually going on in your home. The system comes with app that shows you everything happens inside your home via HD video. And there is still some from these 50 cool features to include in your smart home.

  • Zen Thermostat System
  • The CTA Digital Mount Stand
  • Smart Coffee Maker
  • Smart Air Quality Monitor
  • Sentry is a Complete Smart Home System
  • Ruggie The Rug and Alarm Clock Modern Design
  • Ring Video Doorbell
  • Prizm Media Player
  • PowerCube
  • PLAY Sonos
  • Pinto Feed For Pets
  • Pillar Touch Faucet
  • The Eero Wi-Fi System
  • The Eve Indoor Sensor 1
  • Xadem Security System
  • Turtle Shell Bluetooth Speaker
  • Tile Key
  • The Satechi Power Strip
  • The QI Speaker Chargerg
  • The Netatmo Presence Camera
  • The LG Signature Refrigerator
  • The Leeo Alarm
  • The K1 Smart HomeKit
  • The GoControl Line
  • The FoldiMate
  • Petzi Treat Cam
  • Petcube
  • Egg Minder System
  • Edyn Garden Sensor
  • Coffee and Tea Alarm Clock
  • Click and Grow Planter
  • Canary Smart Home Security
  • Butter Sprayer
  • Bonjour Alarm Clock
  • Bluetooth Music Bulb
  • Automated Blind System
  • August Smart Lock
  • Art Brew For Home
  • Elgato Avea Colorful Lighting
  • FLuxo Smart Lamp
  • Outdoor Smart Lighting Bulb
  • Nucleous Family Communication System
  • Nest Thermostat
  • Nest Smoke Detector
  • Muzo Cobblestone
  • LG Minibeam Projector
  • Jmgo Smart Home Theatre
  • Irobot Cleaning Vacum
  • Ilumi Outdoor Smart Bulg
  • Holi Motion Lamp
  • Folding Machine For Laundry
  • Amazon Echo Player

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