Deciding what color for your bedroom is easy and fun job to do. The key is you have to be fun and like what you are doing. If you like purple, then try to play with the shades too. You can be fun and comfort with shades of purple paint rather than just mixing colors. Why playing with the shades? Shades are something important in color combination yet not really considered as one of them. By considering the shades inside your room combination, you do not need to thinking out loud especially what colors are the best mixed.

How To Be Fun and Comfort with Shades of Purple Paint

To apply shades theory, you need some windows or simply just one big window. You can hang some pictures on the wall. By that, the picture’s frame will create shadow on purple wall and it automatically creates purple shades. This way, you are actually already be fun and comfort with shades of purple paint. Yet, that condition using windows only applied during the day. How about sleeps in comfort? Everyone has nightlamp. If you put the night lamp near the your bed or on side table, it will create shades of purple paint. However, the paint it created is darker than the shades sunlight created.

In the other hand, there is no word if you want to play with the shades, you cannot do it. You can still do it but not too much. For example, the wall is in purple and white but purple dominates. For your bed, you can choose purple bed cover with patterns or black liner so it strengthen the shades concept. In fact, the more decoration, especially hanging one, is better because it creates shades. Once more, to be fun and comfort with shades of purple paint is you have to be fun yourself. If you enjoy creating shades by decorating your room, this activity is not tima wasting at all.

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