caring for outdoor furniture MaintainYourOutdoorFurniture

caring for outdoor furniture MaintainYourOutdoorFurniture

Caring for Outdoor Furniture

Caring for outdoor furniture – Outdoor furniture made of many materials, from wood, plastic, rattan, even iron. Indeed, the presence of outdoor furniture, such as couches and small tables, garden or patio will make you become more comfortable. But, from a variety of materials of outdoor furniture, rattan is a very fitting choice, since this material looks highly integrated with the natural theme.

The disadvantage is on durability. With a tropical climate and increasingly erratic rainfall, you have to be very clever to care for wicker furniture in the house. Otherwise, rattan furniture will quickly moldy and broken. Caring for wicker furniture is not at all difficult if you diligently apply the method below.

Caring for Outdoor Furniture

1. Clean regularly

Clean the wicker furniture could use a vacuum cleaner or cloth, chamois. Immediately clean if spilled food or drink. Clean the wicker furniture in your house at least once a week.

2. Use the cover of a parachute or plastic

During the rainy season, using the cover of a parachute or big plastic. If you have time, put the furniture to the warehouse when not in use. But, do not get too moist.

3. Protect the legs

Attach the rubber protector at the foot of the table, chairs, and a rattan sofa. The foot of the most easily damaged due to abrasion when removable.

4. Painting reset

If visible trace of scratch and the color faded, you may paint it back. But, use linseed oil as a coating base. Linseed oil acts to prevent damage wicker furniture.

5. Stay dry but not to crack

Do not be too long rattan furniture store indoors when not in use. Wicker furniture should be dried in the sun on a regular basis. When not in use, open the parachute cover and winds that are not easily invaded by fungi.

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Thus, Caring for Outdoor Furniture, hopefully you are inspired. thank you, read our other articles.

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