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Best Modern Rooftop Design – The environment climate in around your living area, the materials of your living building, and the styles of your building, all affect the result of your home roofs. For example, when you use the pitched roof, then it will be more matched for the area with snow or rainfall there. Some materials of your roof like steels can be used easily to make curved roof style while the rigid materials like the tiles can create such a solid line. For grand building, people use bigger roof while the humble building use favors functional roof design over the decorative style.

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Well, planned roof shapes play an important role to maintain the building cover which contributes to home livability, resale value, and energy efficiency. There will be challenging work when it comes to the willing to creating best roof design plans and styles for your living home.

However, you should make it carefully to get the best result for your own home decoration. There are many best modern rooftop design for your home roofs, two of them are classic gable roof design and hip roof design. By having many options for roof styles, you can make a perfect decision for your own topping home styles and enjoy it for years.

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  1. Classic Gable Roof Design

If you think that it is better to create a classic silhouette at your home, then it will be more suited with a gable roof. It is one of the best roof design plans and styles among people. The style of this roof is a favorite for many young artists when decorating the architecture of a house. Gable has a feature of triangle shape which is created by 2 sloping meeting roof faces in its top ridge.

The gable style creates a beautiful accent for the porches and dormer window. It has the taste of cost-effective style, classic nature style, and best functionality which gives this style has a title of best roof style among US homes.

  1. Hip Roof Design

The style of hip roof design has the same value as the gable design. It is also one of the most popular and the best modern rooftop design among people nowadays. Hip roof design features with a gentle pitch which is all the sides there sloping towards the home walls.

It creates a perfect decoration without having vertical sides for your roof appearance. You can add the dormers to have more interesting points in your home decoration. Also, the most important one is adding their own taste for overall styles.

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