How To Decide Bedroom Paint Colors Depending on Age

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Bedroom is where you mostly spend your time in house. Because of that, you have to be sure that your bedroom is comfortable enough. Making your bedroom comfortable one is not hard, it mostly depends on what bedroom paint colors you go with. The difference between bedroom wall color is related to people’s preference. For example, your parents room is different than yours. And your little sister or brother surely has different preference to decor their own rooms. Preference usually relates with their sex and age. The older they are, the more simple their preference is.

How To Decide Bedroom Paint Colors Depending on Age

For children, it is the best to have bedroom in bright color. Moreover, it is better to have big blank paper hanging on the wall. Children both boy and girl likes to draw around as it is part of their maturity. Decorating their room with this will help to keep their wall cleans. Bright bedroom paint colors are very various. It can be blue, green, brown, red, purple, etc. surely, boy will prefer blue, green, brown or red. Girls would like to have birght soft color. And for wall decoration, it is also different depending on sex. Boy would like to have plane, balls, etc on their walls while girl would like to have flowers, heart, or cute cartoon hanging on.

Enough with children, now let’s move to teen and adult bedroom. Both of them would like to have simple room yet in teen case, they still want to have some decoration hanging on the wall such as favorite band posters. Bedroom color also gets softer and darker compared to children’s room. The most used colors are black, grey, blue, red, and white. those colors are effective and pretty easy to be blend with other colors. Bedroom Paint Colors colors must give you comfort and calm feelings when you look at it.

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