luxurious-blue-arabic-home-decor-ideas. Arabic interior decorating in Ramadan

luxurious-blue-arabic-home-decor-ideas. Arabic interior decorating in Ramadan

Themed Arabian Middle East in the Month of Ramadan | Arabic interior decorating ideas

The month of Ramadan is synonymous with religious activities. All activities associated with Islamic nuance. Besides shades arabic also began to appear. It is not unusual because many assume it’s the same with Islamic nuance nuances of Arabic. Starting from foods such as dates, to the clothes-shirt typical of the middle east region. Although many people are looking for the feel of arabic in the holy month, but still no one minded carries the theme of the Middle East into the house. Perhaps because of the stereotype that the house is not modern Arabian theme and outdated.

Many do not know that the Arabian theme is very dynamic and can be combined with other themes. This is because the Arabian theme close to the line firmly and arches that have been more associated with the minimalist theme. Line art firmly linked in a mosaic can be applied on the walls and ceiling of the house, making the interior more alive. The selection of half-circle window increasingly gives the impression of the middle east. Selection of paint color white gold or bone also helped bring the impression of the desert.

Turning to the furniture, you can bring the feel of Arabic at home by choosing furniture that is closely related to Arabic culture. For example, the use of a short table for the living room, accompanied by a cushion in which the Lesbian style prevalent in homes in the middle east region. Even for the living room can also adopt a similar view. Usually modern home using a sofa, can be replaced by using a type of large bearings shaped seating. No lag, accent rugs are synonymous with arabic presented in some corner of the house.

Applying the Arabian theme in a guest house or a family home will help save pal budget. In addition to not take up much space, selection of furniture arabic shades are also relatively cheaper than having to buy a sofa and dining chairs present. Even making a very easy, making the living room the style of the Middle East look more modest but still pay attention to the beauty.

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