American Style home design architectural interior

American Style home design architectural interior

Architectural Inspiration American Style House

Various Hollywood films that flooded the world of cinema, instantly makes us a little know how of architectural styles that look of American style house. Not infrequently of us who crave the feel of the house seemed too similar, like for example in the film Vampire Diaries which showed the hallmark of American architectural style house.

In America, home to the distinctive architectural style known as the federal house. The word ‘federal’ itself is a form of representation of the American past-year period 1780 – 1820, the period before the design is referred to as phase style American Adam.

The distinctive design of its own, a little more is detracted from contemporary European styles, particularly of the pioneers of the Adam brothers who incidentally comes from the UK.

If you are curious to visit and see this federal-style house, came to the United States East. Precisely in the area along the American East coast that includes Massachusetts, Provincetown, Savannah, and Georgia. has launched five characteristics that can be used as inspiration for you, who crave American architectural style house. Check out his review below, yes!

1. Forms facade Symmetrical

Federal or Adam’s home has a distinctive shape, which has a simple box shape with two or three rooms. Typically, this type of house has a composition that is symmetrical doors and windows. No wonder really, because so was characteristic of the architecture of the Renaissance in Europe.

Meanwhile, the entrance to an American-style homes are generally located right in the middle of the house. Typically, symmetrical arrangement of windows that are also on the side and rear of the house.

2. Gable Focused

In the American-style home architecture, glimpse the roof has a shape that is almost similar to home in Southeast Asia in general, the gable. Gable became sweet accessories from a simple box design house.

The roof is generally located exactly in the center, centrally onto the roof of the house door. Furthermore, the facade gable of the house sometimes also be part of the facade itself, or made little further ahead.

3. Red Brick Wall

In the southern United States (southern) there are still many homes with this style. There are many areas that still lush countryside is very different from the northern United States that is an industrial area.

In this southern, we will encounter a lot of South American-style homes or commonly known as the Southern Accents (Southern Accent). Characteristics are the walls of the house wearing red brick, stone or brick exposed.

4. Engraving Ceiling / Cornice Beautiful

Another hallmark of the American-style of the house is the house style that emphasizes ceiling / cornice with carved beautiful shapes. Cornice is applied as decoration horizontal marking building elements, for example on poles, walls, and windows of the house.

5. On the Unique Window

If keen to see American style architecture of the house, you’ll find a unique behind the existence of the window.

First, almost certainly in many of these American house style there will be a window above the main door. Commonly referred fanlight window usually has a beautiful carved designs and intricate enough that circled around him.

The second is an American homes styles have always had a lot of windows. Typically, American style house has six windows per floor and has more than two windows with a large size. American-style windows in the house itself is usually arranged symmetrically on either side of the entrance of the house. In the American-style house, window configuration most commonly used are four windows on the first floor and five windows on the second floor.

Third, the American house style usually also have a Palladian window or window whose name is made in accordance with the name of the architect who lived in the era of the Venetian Renaissance, Andrea Palladio. The window usually has three parts, namely the glass in the middle part, the part that is flanked by a pair of ‘catcher’ light shaped glass on the side, and a semicircular fanlight on top. Palladian window itself is usually located on the second floor and mounted just above the entrance to the house (middle).

The fourth feature of the windows of the house are the American style variant elliptical window, a small window semicircular and round windows are also often adorn American house style. The windows are usually found at the bottom of the front or at the top near the roof.

6. Welcomes Guests in Terrace

Characteristic of American house next style house was similar to Java, which both have a terrace (porch). This shows that the South American region has the friendliness and always welcomed every guest with open. Section terrace (porch) American house style was laid out with a very beautiful and comfortable.

7. Facts about Domestic

American style house mostly two-story and unique, the stairs are almost always right in front of or next to the entrance.

Such is the American style home design, may be the inspiration for you.

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