8 Tips for Organizing the Tiny Apartment (19)

8 Tips for Organizing the Tiny Apartment

8 Tips for Organizing the Tiny Apartment

 With the selection of furniture and material dimensions of the right, you can make activities more leverage in a tiny apartment. Here are 8 ways to organize a tiny apartment that can be tried. The rooms were small and narrow area to perform activities made many people hesitate to purchase an apartment unit. This is because land is limited sometimes tend to make the occupants feel more depressed.

8 Tips for Organizing the Tiny Apartment

Tiny apartment, does not mean there is no solution to overcome it. One of them could meet the principle of form follow function on the furniture you choose. Value for furniture priority over aesthetics. Here are eight strategies in structuring a tiny apartment to make it more functional and not boring.

1. Having an ergonomic circulation space.

So that the room look more spacious, you can use the concept of open plan is to unite or combine the living room, dining room and kitchen.

2. Showing a point of interest on every corner of the room.

This is so that the room does not look flat and dull.

3. Provide a play of light that can affect the impression of a beautiful and spacious rooms.

giving good lighting will also feature detailed furniture, so it will be more attractive. Provide good lighting can also provide broader impression.

4. Wall Paint Color Selection

For the selection of wall paint color you should choose the dominant white color that will add to the impression that broad.

5. Accessories Wall

For accessories you can wear a wall mirror with a large size and be placed on one side of the wall.

6. Selection of furniture

Adjust the size or large-small furniture. Align with the room and your needs. To maximize any room or corner of your home, using the built-in furniture or furniture of multifunctional, because this furniture can be customized with your room so it would be more optimal utilization.

7. Bed equipped storage drawer

Choose a bed that is equipped with a drawer that we can use to store our stuff.

8. Choose the finishing material that is lightweight and varied

The choice of material is light and see through now become the first choice because it can make more free space for occupants.

Then we will see an example of the apartment which has a narrow size but noticeably wider and certainly has a beautiful appearance and attractive.

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