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Tips easy Decor Living Room РDecorate your own living room is something fun and interesting, especially that it can also save you money. To decorate the living room itself takes a lot of ideas are fresh and interesting.
On the internet and in magazines decorating your home has a number of ideas for decorating the living room elongated, modern living room decor, living room decor simple, minimalist living room decoration and also a small living room decor. In fact, not infrequently they provide pictures decorating the living room. And that makes this easy because they also include step-by-step procedure for your living room and advice on how to make this part of your home attractive and comfortable. You do not need to be a professional interior designer, all you need is your creativity to make your living room is not boring and give it new life. (Tips easy Decor Living Room)

The living room is one of the widest part of the house. Is a place where families can spend hours together, talking, watching TV or a movie, play and do other social activities.

Because the living room is one of the most important rooms in your home then you need some creative ideas for decorating your living room into a comfortable and quiet place for family and friends, relatives who come to your home. (Tips easy Decor Living Room)
There are some basic ideas that you can apply in decorating your living room, take a look at some tips from below:

1. Add Pillow for comfort
Pillow is simple accessories that can add more color to your living room. Be sure to correct for color blends their seats with color and design of the walls, floor, curtains, sofas and other furniture. Extra pillows also add your comfort in the living room to rest.

2. Bringing Nature into the living room decor
One of the most common ideas about decorating for the tropics is to put plants in your living room. Plants in containers you can make your life more fresh and comfortable at the same time. If you do not have real plants, you can use artificial. Visit the store around your area and see the artificial plants are placed in a special container and that matches the theme of your living room.

3. The corresponding lamp
You do not need to buy expensive chandelier for your living room, a good option is to give your living room light enough for your living room. Instead of using a high lamp power consumption, use lights to illuminate your living room. You can choose to have a table lamp is placed on a side table or a lamp, purchases could also move higher. You can also install the lights on the wall. Most importantly choose a lamp that suits the decor of your living room, that can be integrated.

4. Show some artwork
A good idea when decorating your living room is to show off their collection of artwork. Do you have pictures of famous painters? Is a work of art such as porcelain figurines, vases and other collections? You can use these pieces as decoration in your living room. For example a large picture hanging on the couch. Even if there’s nothing there you may be able to make their own paintings.

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Similarly, 4 Tips easy Decor Living Room hopefully this article can be useful for you, add your ideas in decorating your living room without a designer.

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