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2014 Kids Playrooms Decorating Ideas for a Timeless Playrooms

2014 Kids Playrooms Decorating Ideas for a Timeless Playrooms

Giving the best in everything for children is every parents’ dream. But designing children’s playroom and decorating it can be quite a headache. It is both time consuming and require a great amount of budget. There are a lot of inspiration around us and it allows is to design exceptional rooms, starting from nursery to the teen playroom. But redecorating and redoing the room once every 2-4 years is not really a good idea for most parents. Often, many parents find it hard to find the resource to create the perfect rooms just like in the catalog. Creating a timeless kids’ playroom that will evolves with them is actually not as hard as you think. We can still give them a comfortable room that they will cherish during their formative years. In this article, we will give a tips and trick on 2014 kids playrooms decorating ideas.

The first tips on 2014 kids playrooms decorating ideas is to pick a classy color pallet. Your kids will change the interest frequently and they probably want to change their playroom as often as they change toys. To accommodate this constant change, try to create a room that grows with the kids; give it room for evolving with time. You can start by choosing elegant, sophisticated, neutral color scheme. Don not use too much shades, just choose 2 or 3. Bright colored paint are not recommended. It may sounds boring, but it actually provide a room for creativity. As for the furniture, you have to avoid things like a race car chair or a princess-themed table. This kind of furniture will only last for 2 or 3 years until your kid bored with it. These days, there are a lot of multitask decors, which can be used to create a timeless kids’ playroom.

Another tips for 2014 kids playrooms decorating ideas is to take a layered approach. Try to look at the room as different layers instead of as a whole, and decor each section individually. For the kids’ playroom, toys and accessories is the easiest way to refresh the playroom periodically without too much budgets. For example, you can use a princess-inspired furniture for your daughter. Once she grow up, you can just change the furniture that is more suitable for her age. This is goes the same with your son. You can add some toys, or Donald Duck posters in his room, but once he grows up, you can replace it with posters of his favorite soccer players.

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