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2-Storey Luxury Home

2-Storey Luxury Home

2-Storey luxury house design

2-Storey luxury home – Having a luxury home is the dream of everyone, including you. The luxurious house gives the impression of a spacious house with all the furniture and furnishings were expensive and quality. Luxury home design also varied, starting from the design minimalist luxury house, first floor, to design a luxury 2-story house.

Attractive designs offered for realizing the dream of luxury homes, with a wide range of interior and exterior in it is amazing. Materials used were not lost its quality, using materials that have high quality and durability. The combination of colors and interesting shapes to add a luxurious and magnificent.

Example 2 Floor Luxury Home Design

Below is one example of a luxury home design 2-storey public interest because it has a modern style and magnificent. This luxury house has a rare form seen in some of the housing that gives the impression different from the other houses that have been there.

The facade of a luxury home design 2 floor (Pinoyeplans)

Sightings front of the house with a solid facade to make this house looks tall and stand strong. In addition, the color combination applied in this luxurious house looks charming because it uses neutral colors and luxurious. Each relief, lines and grooves on the walls depict the accuracy and detail of this house.

In addition to the design drawings mansion that looks from the front, below is a picture of a luxury house plans two floors that you can also follow as one example of a floor plan showing the luxury and detail of the house as the house is beautiful and charming. The house consists of two floors has 3 spacious bedrooms placed on two floors. Another space that allows you to place a wide range of furniture and furnishings that support stately feel of your home.
A spacious garden also supports the expression of your naturalistic intelligence and family. You can have occupancy with private picnic area that you can enjoy every day and when the weekend. If your home is facilitated with swimming pool, it will be up to your house as a magnificent home.

Special Room in Luxury Home

The luxurious house with a spacious room will have some special room in his house. For instance there is room for worship on the first floor, or room or the library to read on the second floor. Several other rooms were present on luxury homes are the clothes room where space is used to store clothes the whole family and the whole family iron clothes.
Additionally, luxury homes usually have a special outdoor space that is not shared by the other houses in general. The luxurious house has a swimming pool in the area next to the house or in the back of the house. The backyard also be used as a park and a place to gather and organize the party.

2-storey luxury home design usually are not made arbitrarily, because the people who have the money will give authority to the architect or developer so that the luxury homes will look more solid, beautiful, and elegant.

2-Storey Luxury Home 1 2-Storey Luxury Home 3 2-Storey Luxury Home 4 2-Storey Luxury Home 5 2-Storey Luxury Home 6 2-Storey Luxury Home 7 2-Storey Luxury Home 8 2-Storey Luxury Home 9 2-Storey Luxury Home 11 2-Storey Luxury Home

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  • 2-Storey Luxury Home 11
  • 2-Storey Luxury Home 9
  • 2-Storey Luxury Home 8
  • 2-Storey Luxury Home 7
  • 2-Storey Luxury Home 6
  • 2-Storey Luxury Home 5
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  • 2-Storey Luxury Home

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