10 Restrictions wooden floor

10 Restrictions wooden floor

10 Restrictions wooden floor

Who is not interested in wood flooring? The wood floors have a warm traditional sense, but also a classic and luxurious. Although the price is more expensive, hardwood floors remain attractive to many people. But, did you know that the wooden floor has a lot of taboos that should not be violated? If you do these things, be prepared for something bad will happen.

1. Using a chemical that ‘hard’

Many tips article that says that to maintain cleanliness in the home, you should use vinegar, ammonia, detergents, multipurpose cleaners, or products made from wax, ash, and silicon. In fact, all of these substances could damage the surface and eliminate the protective coating on the wood floor. Finally, you will lose tens of millions of rupiah because of damaged wood flooring.

2. Placing furniture directly to the wooden floor

Furniture, especially hard furniture such as tables and wooden wardrobes, should not be placed directly onto the surface of the wood floor. So is the furniture on wheels that easily removable, should not be used because of friction with the wheels or the legs of furniture will cause friction and damage the color of the wood floor.

3. Mop hardwood floors

Mopping the wooden floor is not recommended because it can make the wood moist and easily overcome by bacteria and fungi, as well as making quickly obsolete and damaged. Therefore, the use of wooden floors should be avoided for the kitchen area and bathroom. If exposed to liquid, you may be wiped down and clean it up, but do not get too wet. Do not use a wet mop. Clean with a vacuum cleaner for the daily care.

4. Pour liquid cleaner directly

Such restrictions should not be mopping with plenty of water, pour cleaning fluid directly could make the liquid is absorbed into the wood floor. After absorption, melting substances will make corrugated timber, bubbling, and uneven. The color is faded that ultimately detract from the beauty of your wood floor.

5. Do not have renovation plans

Installing wood floors means you should already have a plan for the renovation, at least every 3 years. Renovation of the main thing is re-coating, or re-staining, especially for areas that are often impassable. This is because the color in that area would be quickly fade. Coloring birthday once every 3 years is better than waiting a little longer, because the funds expended will be less. Routine maintenance means maintaining the condition of the wood floor will be maintained, so that you do not need to stress to spend lots of money to dismantle the damaged floor.

6. Using high-heel shoe

High heels have a greater pressure and can damage the surface of the wood flooring. Small pointed Rights could even make the surface to peel. If you love hardwood floors, you have to sacrifice a little bit by not using the high heels at home.

7. Let the furniture legs bare

As already mentioned in point 2, the furniture legs can damage the surface of the wood flooring. Therefore, make sure each leg of furniture, be it a table, chairs, sofas, wardrobes and other furniture is coated with a rubber cap or bearing a rather soft and malleable. If not, cover the wooden floors with rugs before you put furniture in it.

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8. Dragging furniture across the wooden floor

Put furniture alone can make the wooden floor easily damaged, especially if you’re dragging furniture on it. If you do, it would appear the lines indicating that the surface friction and coating peel.

9. lengthen the nail pet

Cats and dogs are cute adorable could be a threat to the wood floor in your home. These pets often play around and scratch the floor. Some also stretched her nails while pressing the floor. Well, if you let their nails long, then shortly afterwards will many emerging scratches due to the tiny nails.

10. Allowing animal waste

Stools any animal, whether bird or cat, whether it be urine or poop her, should be cleaned as soon as possible. The longer you let the cat urine on the wooden floor, the faster the floor also damaged. Not to mention the odor generated can be very oppressive.

The wood floors are indeed very beautiful and classy. But on the other hand, wood floors also cause many problems in maintenance problems and less eco-friendly. If you want a beautiful floor, there are a variety of environmentally friendly flooring material that can be selected.

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